Saturday, 29 September 2012


I am Andrew. I am 15 years old in grade 9 at an IB school in Finland. Throughout this year I have to do a project that is personal, something related to my hobbies and passions outside of school. So, for my project, I will be using my favourite game (Minecraft) to be what I want to be when I am older (a maths teacher). Most Tuesdays throughout this year, I will be teaching my mum's 1st grade class maths using a mod for Minecraft called MinecraftEdu. This gives extra blocks, functions and opportunities within Minecraft to make it more suitable for learning and teaching. I have already taught one lesson in which the students learned how to move, jump, place and break blocks. This week, they are looking at perspective. I will take one third of the class this week, another third the week after and the last third the week after that, to play through the map I have made for them to learn about patterns and perspective. 

The children will spawn in the small square in the bottom left of the picture and then they will be individually teleported to the first area - the long strips. Here they will be given the appropriate blocks and will have to carry on the pattern. When they think they are ready and I say it is correct, they will be taken to the next area. 

In that area they must look at the shapes (the ones made of the white blocks) and then think how many blocks have been used for the shape in front of them. You can see that each shape is different. This is so that everyone has their own shape and it will prevent cheating and copying from their partner. Then when they have finished they will be sent into the final area. Here they will draw what the house looks like from each side of it. 

When they have finished everything, the remaining time of the lesson will be free time. Here they can chop down trees and play as they wish.

Everyone can take an axe and play to their hearts content!