Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I went to my student councellor today and talked to her about starting my project early (most people will be starting in November when the supervisors are chosen). It seemed like she wasn't so keen on the idea at first as it is to do with video games however the more I got into the subject she became more comfortable with the idea. After everything was explained she was actually quite excited to see the results (so it seemed) and pretty much said that it is okay for me to start early and that she would also send me - and the rest of the year - the essay/report structure help sheet. In practice, this means that I can start working on my project fully and then I can start on the essay too! The only thing I won't have is the supervisor but at the beginning of the project that isn't such a big deal... It's nice to know I can get right into this now full speed!!!

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