Thursday, 29 November 2012

So Much Win!!!!

Well, even though I did a blog just a few days ago, there is more today after this week.

First of all, the lesson on Tuesday went very well and I can see clearly that the students are really enjoying using MinecraftEdu in their lessons. This was the first lesson where they would work in groups and it worked very well. One group didn't really want to cut down their trees, but they spent a lot of time underground mining stone. Other than that group, the students generally had quite an even spread of wood, dirt and stone.

This is one of the girls in the class cutting down a tree happily. It's good that as the students have finally got a hang of the controls, they can get around to playing the game and really use it properly to learn.

By the end of the lesson most areas looked a little something like this:

... so as you can see most groups seemed to fully clear the main area and started getting right underground to get stone.

Besides all this, there is one more thing that is really interesting that I only really found out about today and that is who my project supervisor is. I got the main 7-9 grade maths teacher who was one of the teachers I wanted most. Now my project can really get going, I can have my meetings with the supervisor and start on the essay.

Other than that, everything is going as normal. The next MinecraftEdu lesson is in about a week and a half so until I start making the world for then I probably won't be posting here much.

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