Thursday, 28 February 2013

An Era Gone By... :(

So if you can remember from my last update, the lesson on Tuesday was my last ever MinecraftEdu lesson for this project. It was the same map as before but just for the rest of the class and it went well. There seemed to be a lot of following others around but more people got to the free area at the end and seemed to understand what it was about.

Throughout this part of the project I have learned a lot, both about using the game and about teaching a class (i.e. methods for discipline etc.). I have enjoyed it so much and from the feedback that I got from the kids, they loved it too! Definitely a good thing to take away from this.

During March, I will be working on the video that I will present at the project fair, and then continuing with the report. There is lots of footage to go through - as said in my last update - however it does help that tomorrow my winter holiday starts. Lots to do so I will, of course, be using lots of that time for editing and other project work. I am very sad that all the Minecraft stuff is over, but I do enjoy video editing so the next part of the project should be really fun too!

I will get the results from my mum soon about how my six anonymous students have progressed and will include that somehow in my video. I guess though, until the weekend when I start work on my video, this is all. An era has passed and a new one begins, but for now, see you later! :D

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