Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cut and Compression!

All of this weekend and beginning of this week has been dedicated to doing basic cuts and then full compression of all the video footage captured over the duration of the whole project. To get into the stats, there were four units where I recorded the creation process and all of the files together for that totaled 486GB, which is about half of my 1TB hard drive! To break that down per unit, the sizes are:

  • Data Handling - 81GB
  • Add & Sub 1 - 155GB
  • Place Value - 191GB
  • Add & Sub 2 - 59GB
After all the cuts and compression, the total size of all footage that will be used in the final cut is 3.2304GB! To break that down per unit, the sizes are:

  • Data Handling - 1.7GB
  • Add & Sub 1 - 1.15GB
  • Place Value - 95MB
  • Add & Sub 2 - 289MB
It makes me so happy that, because of the way I made the map, the unit that gave me the most amount of video footage to go through, gave me the smallest amount to finish with.

I will probably start the full video tomorrow but that will be a very long process, meaning that it will probably take the rest of the creation time to finish it. I do also have some other footage to record for the video about the game and the mod (MinecraftEdu). In that I will talk about the features and show examples of how they are beneficial to teaching and learning.

Unfortunately, I can't delete all of the original footage yet, as something could still go wrong and I may still need some of the original footage for the video later on. However, I absolutely can't wait until I can delete some stuff and my computer can feel free for a bit. When the final video is ready, I will put the file on a DVD so then ALL of the footage can be deleted.

Anyway, until I make some more progress on the video, bye for now! :D

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